Birth Your Way 

I am a licensed midwife that has a  passion for being the support system for YOUR birth.  I provide high-quality, friendly Midwife Services for the  families in the Inland Empire! (Riverside County & San Bernardino County and beyond,)

I offer childbirth classes,  pregnancy and prenatal care programs, pregnancy & relaxation massage, aromatherapy, acupressure, breastfeeding support, photography services, essential oil classes and many more options to bring you (new mommy) comfort.  
Let me help you enjoy this valuable time. I pride myself on a reputation of  providing a calming, comfortable "Home-like" atmosphere. Pregnancy is ment to be a special time, call set up a time to take a tour.

You will love our friendly, professional, supportive service, warm welcome, education & much, much more! (Your baby will too!).


Birth Your Way

Is  proud to be serving clients in

Yucaipa and Desert Area 

Other Midwife Services
  • Comprehensive pregnancy care

  • Lab work

  • 24-hour availability as your midwife

  • Labor support

  • Birth Center or home birth 

  • Water birth

  • Postpartum care for mother and baby for the first 10 weeks

  • Pregnancy and postpartum massage

  • Annual PAP and Exam

  • Well Woman Care 

  • Family Planning

  • Childbirth Classes

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Preparing for baby class

  • CPR/ first aid classes 

  • Essential Oils classes


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