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Meet Our
Team of Experts

There is no greater gift then to take part in such a beautiful experience and develop lifelong friendships.

Birth Center Team

Tammy S​tokes, LM, CPM

Midwife and Owner of Birth Your Way

Hello I'm Tammy Stokes, Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) / Licensed Midwife (LM)

not only am I a Midwife, but, I'm also a wife and mother of two wonderful children who are now adults, and have made me the proud grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren who call me Memaw. 

I've been in the medical field for over 30 years in one way or another, while working in the medical field, I also worked as a teacher at the high school and college levels, teaching medical programs to R.O.P. High School students as they found their passion in the medical field, and to adults at the college level as they pursued their medical careers.

My journey into the birth world started over 27 years ago with the birth of my son as he was brought into this world with the help of a midwife, It was truly amazing, and it was then that I was hooked on the process of natural childbirth, From that moment, I knew that my purpose in life was birth and my calling was to become a midwife.

Through midwifery I am able to educate my clients in all aspects of natural childbirth, it is always my goal to inform them of all of their options throughout their pregnancy and childbirth and allow them to make their own informed choices, I believe that the client should be in charge of their own birth and that is why I Believe in Birth Your Way.

Having been a Midwife for many years and an educator/preceptor, I've had the honor of delivering hundreds of babies naturally, in addition to that, I've been blessed to be able to educate and train other student midwives as they too pursue their calling to become a midwife, and I am extremely honored and proud to include my daughter by my side as she continues her path to becoming a midwife!

My heart continues to be touched by the joy of birth, There is no greater gift than to take part in such a beautiful experience and developing lifelong friendships..... I look forward to continuing my Midwifery Journey one birth at a time, as I continue educate women how to Birth Your Way!

Brittany Lower Student Midwife/Office Assistant 

Hello my name is Brittany, I am a wife, and the mother of a wonderful son. I started on the holistic side of the medical world with massage, six years ago I started working at Birth Your Way Birth Center to help my mom run the office and assist her during births, It was during my time as a birth assistant that I developed and realized my passion for the natural childbirth process.

Two and a half years ago I had my own son, I had a difficult pregnancy which resulted in being sick the majority of the time, in the end, I had blood pressure issues and had to deliver in the hospital, although it was not the most pleasant experience, in retrospect, I feel it was an experience I needed to have because it enabled me to see how things needed to change for a woman during childbirth and how I could help make those changes. 

Birth has changed my life, being a part of a women’s most intimate moment in her life is so fulfilling and rewarding. Throughout the six years I have been able to impact women and see them evolve and become empowered by birth.  When my son turned one, I started midwifery school as I realized my true passion was to become a midwife and help other women through natural childbirth. My hope is to continue to be-able to impact women for years to come and be a part of this birth world as long as it will have me. Right below having my son, this is my greatest accomplishment and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Aisha Hendricks Student Midwife 

I'm a wife of 9 years and a mom to 3 amazing kids. Two boys and girl ages 7, 5 and 2. Growing up I've always been fascinated with pregnancy birth and children. After getting my bachelors in psychology and working in child development my own pregnancy and birth experiences led me to birth work. I found it so hard to find educational support and resources in my area and knew that expecting families needed more. I became a birth doula in 2015 and since have also done childbirth and lactation education as well as have participated in other trainings such as spinning babies and rebozo courses. During summer of 2020 I finally made the move to start midwifery school and work my way to become midwife.

As a mom of 3 and having 3 amazing but very different birth stories I truly believe there is no one right way to give birth but there is a right way a woman should be supported, respected and treated during her pregnancy and birth experience. A woman's birth experience directly effects the way she starts off her parenting journey. She should feel encouraged, informed, supported and empowered.

Sirena Flores-Mays Student Midwife 

So excited to be joining Birth Your Way as a student midwife! I am immensely grateful that, when I was ready to have my babies, I had resources and birthing options available to me that made me feel strong and ready to give birth. I chose out-of-hospital births both times. My first was born in water at a birthing center, my second was born in our bedroom at home. I delivered in safe, comfortable settings, with knowledgeable and nurturing midwives by my side. I have had such positive birthing experiences and I would like to help other women experience that same joy and confidence. As a future midwife, I am passionate about empowering women through informed choice and serving moms in an environment conducive to happy and healthy births.

Asiyah Jordan Student Midwife 

Morgan Saucedo Birth Assistant 

Katherine Ochoa Jagiello LMFT, Reiki Practitioner

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Yucaipa, California. I provide individual, couples, and family therapy to support the treatment of relational issues, anxiety, depression, illness adjustment, grief, loss, and perinatal mental health. Our world has gotten very fast the last several generations and with that comes unique challenges many of us do not feel we can dedicate the time to address, so we begin to suffer in silence, and/or maybe ignore there is a problem all together. In my core I believe that all people can grow and heal, we all need a support system, especially if one is not built into our lives from early on. Sometimes we need a little bit of help to get through traumas of our past or what we are currently enduring.

Classes at Birth Your Way

If you are interested in attending simply click on the Register button and you will be directed to our contact page. Please complete the form and in the comments section list the classes you are wanted to attend.

Childbirth Education 

Childbirth education essential for birth. Our classes are designed to give you the tools you need to have a successful birth.

3 week series | Scheduled from 6pm -830pm

2.5 hours each week

1 day intensive | Schedule from 9am - 3pm

6 hours

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